Which Came First?

Many Royal Albert fans are quite familiar with the Old Country Roses pattern. But have you heard of Royal Albert King’s Ransom?

It would be easy to assume that King’s Ransom is one of the many variations that followed after the 1962 release of Old Country Roses. There are many, including Old Country Roses Chintz. Each one of the patterns fits perfectly with the next, marrying the rich colors reflective of beautiful roses.

English Roses are prominently featured on the beautiful King’s Ransom

The Beautiful of English Gardens

King’s Ransom, a 1921 design, actually served as the inspiration for the most famous dinnerware pattern in the world. Romantic roses of burgundy, pink and yellow roses are set against the beautiful white background of Royal Albert bone china. It is easy to see the relationship between the patterns.

Old vs. New

Still in production today, Royal Albert Old Country Roses is widely available. Although no longer produced in England, it is still quite easy to find vintage pieces. The company still produces certain vintage patterns and releases new patterns. Production now takes place in Asia. Incredibly, there have been over 150 million pieces of Old Country Roses sold worldwide since its release in the 1960s. The popularity of this design never seems to wane with new collectors coming onto the scene every day.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teacup And Saucer
Royal Albert Old Country Roses

The inspirational King’s Ransom’s circulation is far less reaching and finding pieces is not only more difficult but also rewarding. We are happy to include this lovely teacup and saucer in our online shop. All of our pieces come with FREE SHIPPING everywhere in Canada and the United States with international shipping at only $15. This one pair won’t last very long so if you are a fan of beautiful English Roses, snap up this Royal Albert King’s Ransom teacup and saucer here.

Gorgeous English roses are on full display

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