Years ago, you sometimes toted your own teacup to an afternoon card game or gathering. To make sure that you got it back, you used some adhesive tape or bandaid tape to write your initials. It is brilliant. It gives you a surface to display your ownership and I assure you it can be washed multiple times without fear of it ever coming off, ever. Or does it? We show you how to remove the adhesive tape from teacups without breaking a sweat.

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Removing Adhesive Tape Doesn’t Have To Be Daunting

A Daunting Task

If you are a fan of fine china, you have inevitably encountered this dreaded adhesive tape on the bottom of the teacup and sometimes the saucer too. Trying to remove adhesive tape from a teacup requires more than just gentle soap and warm water.

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Easy Steps For Removing Adhesives From Fine Bone China

The Nightmare is Over

This adhesive tape has been there for years, drying out and seemingly fusing itself and becoming one with the teacup. As fine bone china is delicate, you want to avoid scratching it off with anything sharp or resorting to the use of abrasives. So what is the solution? It is so simple, it is laughable and it had eluded me for many years. Oil. Yes, oil. Cooking oil does nicely without fear of damage to the glaze.

Why Does It Work?

The oil acts to weaken the bond between the glue and the teacup and lubricate the area allowing slippage. Once the oil has penetrated the tape, the bond is broken and the tape can be easily removed.

Avoid Chemical Adhesive removers

Products like WD-40 and Goo Gone are fantastic for some applications but given the delicate nature of bone china and the glaze that protects it, it is advisable to opt for a more gentle solution. The chemicals in these products may be harsh and we, therefore, advise against their use in this instance.

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