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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my item is lost in the mail?

We’ve shipped a lot of teacups, A LOT( like thousands) and sometimes unfortunate things happen. The good thing is, our postal services are really awesome and usually get the package there, sometimes late, but it makes it. In 8 years, our loss rate is less than 2%. We want you to know that we are here for you, always!  And so if your package gets lost, we want you to know that we will resolve the situation. You can email us or call us anytime!

Why do you sell in US currency if you are located in Canada?

That’s a great question! As we are transacting online and the majority of our customers deal with US currency, it is easier for us to also list our items in US dollars.

Do you combine shipping?

Yes, we do!

Can I pay through PayPal?

You absolutely can!  We also accept all major credit cards. If you are not comfortable doing an online purchase, you may call us Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST and we will process your order over the phone. We’d love to chat 613-612-CUPS

If I am in Ottawa, do I have to pay for shipping?

Absolutely not! You can pick up from our location or we can have it couriered straight to your door. We offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada or the US with absolutely no purchase minimums. So whether you purchase 1 teacup or 10 teacups, shipping is FREE. We also offer some of the most competitive international shipping rates as well.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes, it absolutely is safe to use your credit card.  We do not store or see your information. We understand that you may not feel comfortable making an online purchase. We want you to know that you can call us Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST and we will process your order by phone.  Give us a ring at 613-612-2877, we’d love to chat!

How do you package your items?

Like they are headed to battle! We don’t want you to receive your order and have it broken. We package your items safely and securely using lots of bubble wrap and packing paper in new, sturdy, clean boxes. Rest assured that if your item is broken in transit, YOU WILL BE FULLY REIMBURSED. Buying shouldn’t be risky. If you items arrive broken, please contact us at info@theteacupattic.com so we can help you quickly. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Transit times really depend on where you are located. Most times, it takes approximately 5-10 business days for your order to reach you. Some destinations like Asia, Australia and Africa can take a little bit longer. Holidays can extend the estimated transit times. Please keep in mind, your items have to be cleared by customs before getting to you.

What if my order arrives damaged?

We take every precaution to make sure your items arrive safely, but they are fragile items.  If your order arrives damaged, you must contact us at info@theteacupattic.com and provide clear photographs of the packaging as it arrived to you as well as photographs of the items received. The postal service does NOT insure BREAKABLE items. We make sure that you are happy with every purchase. So if your item gets damaged, we FULLY REIMBURSE you. 

Are these made in England?

Yes, these are not reproduction items. They are vintage items made in England, with very few exceptions, before 2003. 

Isn't shipping expensive?

We offer FREE SHIPPING on every purchase with no minimums for all orders within Canada and the United States. Our international (outside the US) are very economical starting at just $15 USD. FREE SHIPPING is AWESOME!

I am looking for a particular teacup, can you find it for me?

Yes, please send your request to us at info@theteacupattic.com and we will start looking!

I love a teacup I saw on your website, but money is tight. Do you have a layaway plan?

Don’t let that teacup get away!!! For as little as $5 USD, you can hold any teacup and make payments of just $5 USD a month. We pride ourselves on having one of the simplest layaway plans around. We think everyone deserves to have and use pretty teacups! Please email us at info@theteacupattic.com. We’d be happy to help you.

Do you sometimes buy teacups from individual people who are downsizing?

Sometimes, we do.  Although we only buy select brands and patterns. We look for Paragon, Shelley, Royal Albert, Coalport and Aynsley. We also purchase higher end Sadler teapots. We are always looking for pieces from these brands with special handles like butterflies or flowers. If you have pieces from these manufacturers that are in excellent condition (no chips, cracks, crazing, wear or repair) that you would like us to consider, please send us clear photographs to info@theteacupattic.com.

We do not purchase the following: Anything Made in China, Anything Made in Japan, Royal Doulton, Stoneware/Semi Porcelain/Ironstone,  Bavarian/Made in Germany

The price that we offer for pieces varies according to brand, condition, age, pattern and availability on the current market.


We only purchase pieces locally to the Greater Ottawa area so that we may inspect the pieces personally. 



.We never share or sell your personal information. The protection of your personal information is a priority for us. We will only use your personal information as it relates to fulfilling your order. You can read about our privacy policy here


Where do you get your stock?

We source the fine china that we sell from various sources. Seeking to always have the most beautifully curated selection on our website, we buy from private individuals who are moving or downsizing but the bulk of our acquisitions come from auctions and estate sales. We also select pieces that we love on our travels. 



The best way to care for your fine china is to love it. Loving it means that you take the extra time to wash your pieces by hand in warm soapy water and never put them in the dishwasher. Even the china setting on dish washing machines doesn’t guarantee that your pieces will not be damaged. Repeated use of high temperatures and harsh dish washing detergents will cause wear and fading to the pattern as well as the gold.  It is recommended to line your sink with a towel to cushion your items. Wash a few pieces at a time to avoid the risk of breakage when pieces are crowded in the sink.  When storing your items, if you must stack them, put a layer of paper, foam or even a coffee filter between them to avoid rubbing and wear. Taking good care of your collection will ensure that they keep their beauty for years to come. And remember, use them…life is far too short not to enjoy having a cup of tea in an elegant teacup.


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