Discovering a New Venue For Afternoon Tea

Until a few months ago, I was completely unaware of this restaurant’s existence. I stumbled upon a Facebook discussion about places to go for Afternoon Tea and someone mentioned the Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills. With this newfound intel, I put the Brigadoon Restaurant on my must-visit list of Afternoon Tea venues of 2020. Thankfully, we were able to visit just before COVID-19 made its appearance in our area.

A Quaint And Charming Village

Oxford Mills is a small, quaint town approximately 30 miles south of Ottawa. Upon entering the Brigadoon, I was immediately struck by its historical charm. The building which houses the restaurant was built in 1853 using locally quarried stone. It was used as the Waugh general store and post office after which it was used by a tinsmith and then an antique dealer. 30 years ago, it underwent its most recent conversion into an upscale restaurant. Much of the original charm and fixtures were kept like the store counters which are now used in the bar area. The dining room features built-in shelves that are filled with all sorts of interesting items like teapots, teacups, and other antiques.

First Impressions Matter

First impressions are important and I am always impressed or underwhelmed by the table when I arrive for tea. The Brigadoon did not disappoint us as our table was beautifully dressed and waiting for us when we arrived with lovely, clean quality china. We were promptly greeted by our friendly server Bruce. With individual pots, we were presented with a tea box from which we made our selections. In a high-end establishment, I was surprised to see that it did not include loose leaf teas. An important element in the overall experience, I believe that elevating tea selection and quality could take the Afternoon Tea at the Brigadoon to the next level.

A Surprise For Afternoon Tea

When booking an afternoon tea, I don’t often look at the menu prior to the reservation as I think it is fun to have a 3-tiered tray of surprises. There was a generous selection of sandwiches and I was excited to see some I had never tried.

Afternoon Tea at The Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills
A Wonderfull Selection of Sandwiches For Afternoon Tea At The Brigadoon Restaurant

The standard Egg salad and cream cheese and cucumber were delicious. The dill in the cucumber sandwiches was savory but not overpowering.

Afternoon Tea at The Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills

I have to admit that I was a little intimidated with the chicken and strawberry salad sandwich. I did not anticipate how delicious this sandwich would be. It didn’t have an overwhelming strawberry taste. What it did exhibit was a lush cream texture that combined perfectly with the chicken to create a sumptuous pairing.

Afternoon Tea at The Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills

Finishing off our savories course were an asparagus and ham roulade and a trout and tomato sandwich. I am always reticent to see fish in any form on an afternoon tea menu as I feel like if it is not well executed, it can really fall flat. Some high-end restaurants strive to put a signature twist on standard Afternoon tea items and that does not always work out well. While I maintain that afternoon tea doesn’t have to be about reinventing the wheel, the Brigadoon masterfully executed the diversification of the standard menu.

Afternoon Tea at The Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills

Scones, Cream and Jam

Our second course included strawberry preserve and Devon cream to accompany the tasty scones.

Afternoon Tea at The Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills

Sweet Goodness for the last Course

Afternoon Tea at The Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills

The sweets course provided lemon meringue tarts, mini fruit tarts with fresh berries and a chocolate brownie all of which were delectable.

For me, afternoon tea is the perfect combination of care and attention to the service, food, presentation, china, and environment. If any of these elements is askew, it can dramatically affect the enjoyment of the afternoon tea. The Brigadoon restaurant offered a very enjoyable experience. and we look forward to returning.

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RATING: 8/10

$33.95 CAD/person. Applicable taxes and tip extra.

Parking on site


Recommendations: A better selection of loose leaf quality teas or pyramid tea sachets.

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