Decluttering and Organizing in 2019

The year is still new and with it comes an invigorated passion for new beginnings, second chances, and goal setting. The typical “new year, new me” weight loss goals never really fade. The real buzz in 2019, however, comes from the launch of the 8-episode Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The series was inspired by her wildly popular book: The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. 

On January 1st, people rushed to binge watch the Guru of home organization help families from across America regain control of their lives. Today’s busy schedules mean that combining work and family leaves little time to keep proper control of clutter. Before you know it, people are overwhelmed. 

Spark Joy

How does the world-famous system of de-cluttering and organizing help people? Unlike a lot of other systems that focus on different areas of the home, Marie Kondo teaches people how to reassess based on categories. The insanely cute organizer is known for her signature phrase, “Spark joy”.  If it doesn’t uplift you, then it needs to go. The system is based on gratitude. Before donating or selling an item, you thank it for its service then release it into its new life.

The method is definitely gaining in popularity. There are over 215 certified KonMari expert consultants.  They can help you tame your clutter and surround yourself with only the things that you love.  Reading her book in 2012 helped me gain a different perspective on organizing and purging.

It’s Not About Throwing Everything Away

Every system presents challenges and nothing is ever a one size fits all solution. The KonMari Method™ has sometimes been misinterpreted as a quest to conform to a minimilist lifestyle. This false impression has also given birth to some pretty funny internet memes. People should not lose sight that one of the fundamental principles of this approach is to surround yourself with things that spark JOY.

Do Your Teacups Spark Joy

So how does this relate to teacups? Did I suddenly stop selling teacups and become a world-famous organizer? Not a chance, I will leave the tidying and cleaning to the experts, leave the teacups to me. Well, it relates to teacups in two ways. First, as a certified teacup hustler (I totally just made that up), I often meet adult children who are helping their parents downsize. They mean well but have differing views on what stays and what goes. The younger generation seeks to streamline their lives. Their parents often attach memories to their belongings. Symbols of the sacrifices and hardworking over the span of their lives.

Secondly, fine china represents memories of a simpler time when an elegantly set table and your finest attire meant that family dined together and genuine conversation flowed. There was a certain status that came with owning fine quality dinnerware and elegant pieces for your home. It symbolized that you had finally “made it”. The memories are attached to special occasions and people long since passed. Weddings, anniversaries and birthdays were often celebrated with beautiful vintage teacups. They are all milestones of a wonderful life. It sometimes hard to face that the next chapter is here. So just one last time, sit down with your mom for tea using all of those beautiful vintage teacups. Time is all we really have and the only thing that matters.

A New Life

How do the two generations comprise? I always assure people that their items will find new and loving homes and new memories will be created. I do cater to those that love teacups with a passion and a good understanding of their importance. The preservation of memories, the vehicle by which to entertain loved ones or perhaps just take a moment for themselves. Teacups and fine china can do all of that. For myself and so many others, these beauties spark joy.

So, if teacups spark joy for you too, enter our February giveaway! We are giving away this beautiful Royal Albert Prairie Rose teacup valued at $19.99 USD to one lucky winner. (See entry details below)

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve watched the Netflix series and if it has helped you de-clutter your home. Tell us what sparks joy for you!

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