The Thrill Of The Hunt

There is something to be said for perusing consignment shops, flea markets and garage sales for lovely pieces to add to your collection. The thrill of finding a long-awaited treasure or scoring big-time by nabbing a high-value piece for just a few bucks can really get your heart pumping. It’s like an episode of storage wars come to life! Last week, we looked at some tips for buying vintage china online. This week we teach you how to buying vintage china in person can be done easily with a few easy tips and tricks.

What if you get that beloved teacup home and you notice damage? You may never protect yourself 100% from the tiny flaws that may go unnoticed but here are some pointers to help you along.

Look With Your Hands

When buying vintage china, you should look for pieces that are in excellent vintage condition. You are looking for chips, cracks, crazing, wear, and/or repairs. A quick visual inspection may provide some insight but then run your hands along the rim, foot, and handle of the teacup. This will allow you to feel tiny chips or cracks in these areas.

Let There Be Light

One of the most invaluable tools when hunting is a flashlight. Even in broad daylight, it can really make seeing things that would otherwise escape your eyes stand out. A small flashlight that clips to your keyring or fits in your purse is all that you need. In the absence of a small flashlight, the light on your cellphone will do nicely. What you are trying to see here is any flaw but in particular, the light will allow you to see crazing that is often faint and hard to detect without it. It can also help you locate tiny cracks you that may otherwise be overlooked.

a small blue rubber flashlight
A flashlight easily Fit in your purse

To The Point

Another invaluable and inexpensive tool is a pen. A pen will help you gently tap your teacup to see if it produces a ring. If the sound travels around the teacup uninterrupted, chances are your teacup is free of damage. Remember that issues like chips on the rim may still allow sound to pass and produce a ring. Imperfections to the handle may not come to light as the handle is attached separately. So if the bowl of the cup is perfect but the handle is flawed, you may still hear a ring. If you tap your teacup and hear a dull sound, it may indicate cracks or crazing. Be sure to set your teacup down to tap it as your hands will muffle and interrupt the sound.

Look Very Closely

A small magnifying glass will compensate for what your eyes may not be able to see. Scan your item carefully to look for any issues not previously noticed.

A magnifying Glass
A magnifying glass will help you see imperfections

Cheap And Easy

A flashlight and a magnifying glass are available for just a few dollars at any Dollar Store. There never seems to be a shortage of pens, except when you need one the most. The items fit nicely in your purse or in the glove compartment of your car. We hope the tips and tricks you have learned will help you to discover how buying vintage china can be fun and easy. Now you can confidently pick up teacups in excellent condition to add to your table or cabinet.

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