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The Old Curiosity Shop Tea Room

Quaint And Charming Nestled on the Main Street of Markham, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, is a quaint and charming tea room. The Old Curiosity Shop is a traditional tea room aiming to satisfy those who are searching for an authentic afternoon tea experience. One thing...

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Afternoon Tea Etiquette Rules

It’s no secret that afternoon Tea may be more popular than ever and what’s not to love? Delicious food, fragrant tea, friends and fancy china but did you know there are certain rules of etiquette surrounding the mid-day ritual?

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Stop Calling it High Tea

The usage of the term “afternoon tea” has become clouded over time. Somewhere along the lines, confusion has set in leading to it being incorrectly referred to as High Tea. There are many types of “teas” and hopefully you will learn how to quickly tell the difference whether you are simply attending or acting as the host.

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