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Whether you are dealing with a beautiful collection of vintage teacups that you’ve inherited, vintage silverware, or a lovely painting that has been in your family for generations, establishing the value helps you to make important decisions about your pieces. We can appraise any personal property that you may have.


There are many reasons to have a professional appraisal done: downsizing, estate settlement, divorce, donations to charity, or insurance. A professional appraisal includes a certified report on the value of your items and goes far beyond a simple google search. A professional appraisal weighs many factors in determining the value of your items and adheres to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

You may want to update your will, or perhaps insure these special pieces in case of damage. You might be considering donating an item to charity or dealing with the difficult task of settling the estate of a loved one or going through a divorce where the division of assets is an important step. 


The Teacup Attic’s appraisal services will ensure that your items are evaluated by a professional appraiser certified and in good standing with the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group.

Cynthia has many years of experience dealing in antiques and continues to dedicate herself to keeping current with the ever-changing values of today’s antiques.

With Cynthia, you can be confident you will receive honest and professional appraisal to meet all your needs.

Whatever need leads you to this service, one thing is clear:
You want a service that you can trust.

Ready to get an appraisal done? Book your introductory call so we can walk you through the process of having an appraisal done.


Selling your items and don’t know where to start? Have you recently inherited a family member’s vintage china? It can be very overwhelming! Let us take the stress out what can be a huge task. We can help you price your items and find the best place to sell them.

If you are interested in selling your vintage china to us, please visit our SELL YOUR CHINA section to find out all about the process.

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