The Royal Albert Valentine Pattern

The wonderful thing about vintage china is that it offers so much versatility. The array of patterns, shapes, and colors is always surprising. It always amazes me that after 10 years, even having seen thousands of pieces, I have only scratched the surface of what is out there. So when I was given the opportunity to purchase this Royal Albert Valentine tea set to list on our website, I really jumped at the opportunity.

If I said, close your eyes for a moment and imagine what Royal Albert Valentine looks like. What color is the pattern? What shape is the cup? Does it have flowers? You may have imagined something that could be described as very feminine. Perhaps a mix of pinks and reds, lacey details: soft and romantic. That is not what Royal Albert had in mind. In fact, I love how it isn’t your typical pink tea set and not that there is anything wrong with a lovely pink tea set. I think Royal Albert created something that intentionally went against the stereotypical colors of Valentine’s Day.

Not Your Every Day Romantic Pattern

Undoubtedly, this pattern is a beautiful combination of details. The simplicity of the smooth loop handle and Avon-shaped teacup allow for the intricate pattern to take center stage. A combination of pale tone-on-tone yellow and a contrasting deeper blue forms a lacey backdrop that paves the way for floral panels and large bouquets. Above all, it remains a striking pattern.

A Look Back At The Creation of Royal Albert Valentine

This pattern was created by Royal Albert in the late 1920s using the Crown China backstamp and this set was in the first release with the Crown China backstamp. Almost 100 years old, this isn’t a pattern that becomes available very often. Over the years, Royal Albert produced it in different shapes including the Malvern shape in the 1950s. Incredibly, it has been discontinued for nearly 70 years! If cups shapes are your thing, then check out A Study of Royal Albert Cup Shapes Part 1 and A Study of Royal Albert Cup Shapes Part 2

A Beautiful Tea Set For Afternoon Tea

This set features 6 teacup trios, a cake plate, a medium-sized teapot with matching cream and sugar. The darling pattern can extend your entertaining far outside of Valentine’s Day with its very versatile color scheme, it could easily be an every-tea-party-you-host kind of set.

If this pattern has captured your heart just in time for Valentine’s Day, find all the details on the listing on our website here.

Remember, everything on our website ships free tracked anywhere in the US or Canada and each order is carefully packed and double-boxed for a safe journey. If you are throwing an afternoon tea party, we can even get it there in time for Valentine’s Day!

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