There was an interesting discussion on our Facebook page recently about the different Royal Albert cup shapes. We thought it would be interesting to look at some of the different ones. As there are several beautiful cup shapes, we have selected some of the most popular for the 1st part of this series.

The Montrose Shape

One of the most commonly seen cup shapes produced by Royal Albert is the Montrose. Even if you don’t know the name, you are have likely seen it before or have a pattern that is featured in this shape. It is quite widespread as Royal Albert’s most famous pattern, Old Country Roses, was produced using it in 1962 as well as this 1970s Flower of the Month June teacup and saucer. Other manufacturers have produced teacups in shapes mimicking the Montrose shape.

A Royal Albert Montrose shape teacup and saucer sit on a table. Beneath it, a vintage doily, behind it a colorful bouquet.
Royal Albert’s Montrose Shape Teacup And Saucer

The Malvern Shape

The Malvern Shape is certainly one of my personal favorites. The tapered shape really showcases some patterns very well like the Royal Albert English Beauty teacup in pale yellow. The teacup itself has embossed detailing near the rim. The gold handle and foot on this example certainly add a little extra elegance. Like many of the cup shapes that Royal Albert used, the Malvern shape was used by other manufacturers like Royal Vale with very subtle differences.

A pale yellow teacup featuring a pair of pink roses sits on a table in front of a colorful bouquet.
A Malvern Shaped Royal Albert Teacup And Saucer

The Shelley or Dainty Shape

Introduced in 1966, this shape is known as both the Shelley Shape and the Dainty Shape. This is the year that the Shelley China company was taken over by the Allied English Potteries and the production of Shelley China was stopped. The factory was renamed Montrose Works and production of Royal Albert began and continued into the early 1980s.

This cup shape is a heavily textured that has petal-like ribbed panels that widen near the top. Looking at the saucer that accompanies the teacup, it is easy to spy the petals of a flower. This particular series, known as Blossom Time Series (not to be confused with the pattern), has a pastel handle. A feature that is often seen on the Shelley brand of teacups and saucers.

A dainty shaped Royal Albert teacup and saucer in the Blossom Time series featuring white flowers and green foliage sits on a table in front of a colorful bouquet of mixed flowers.
Royal Albert Shelley Shape Teacup And Saucer

The Lyric Shape

Admittedly, this is not the cup shape that I am most frequently drawn to but then sometimes the right pattern makes it look stellar. In the case of this Royal Albert Random Harvest Series Devon pattern, the pattern is very much highlighted as the cup’s shape is focused on the bottom with shell-shaped scalloped embossing just before the foot. A broken loop handle is not only comfortable but doesn’t detract from the details of the cup.

Royal Albert Lyric Shape Teacup And Saucer

The Chelsea Shape

As with the lyric shape, the Chelsea shape really highlights every feature of some patterns. This Royal Albert Green Park series pattern and this Chelsea shape teacup and saucer are the perfect combination. The cup shape is again tapered and features a curved section before the foot that is ribbed.

We hope that you have enjoyed the 1st part in our series exploring the cup shapes produced by Royal Albert. If you have a favorite, let us know in the comments.

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